While our practice focuses on the legal aspects of elder law, estate planning and medicaid planning, wherever possible, I try to provide resources and information that clients or prospective clients woudl fine useful.Today we have a guest blog post from US Storage Centers in North Miami Beach. They are located at 15555 West Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach, FL 33162 and can be reached at 305.783.3080 or online at https://www.usstoragecenters.com/self-storage/florida/north-miami-beach/us-storage-centers/168. The post discusses how storage units can assist with one's estate plan.


The basic concepts of elder law and estate planning in North Miami Beach are rather simple in nature. Estate planning covers three basic questions: 1) What do you own? 2) What will happen to what you own in an accident or death? and 3) How will those things be distributed? As simple as these components are to estate planning, elder law can grow increasingly difficult when compounded with North Miami Beach and Florida law. Many people wonder where they can start or what they should do when initially considering their own estate plan, leaving them confused or hampered in their ability to set out a legally-binding plan. 

The good thing is that there are resources, like storage units, available in North Miami Beach to help individuals prepare and plan for their estate.

A Will to Store

A last will and testament specifies who receives delineated items of an estate at the time of an individual’s passing. There are laws surrounding how some of these possessions are to be divided or taxed, but for the most part, the individual creating a will has a decision on how to divide his or her assets. North Miami Beach residents who have established a legal will have sometimes utilized a self storage facility to help in this process. In many instances, they want a way of securing the possessions they intend to leave for their family without the burden of keeping them around the estate. Any of these family items, from heirlooms to antiques, can occupy a lot of space that could be freed up with the use of a storage unit. 

There is also less stress concerning security for these items when they use a secure self-storage facility. Some storage unit security features you should look for when choosing a facility should include: video monitoring of the premises, electronic PIN code access, and alarmed storage units. Features like these will provide peace of mind.

Storage with Powers of Attorney

Seniors also enjoy the prospect of storage units for their belongings when it comes to designating a power of attorney. A power of attorney is a trusted person you put in charge of your assets in the event that you become incapacitated and unable to make financial decisions. Seniors store their items in North Miami Beach storage units at the same time they appoint the power of attorney for a few reasons. One reason is because it reduces your stress - you don’t have to worry about what types of decisions your power of attorney will make concerning your possessions. Another reason is that it reduces the power of attorney’s burden when it comes to making financial decisions that are in line with the beneficiary’s will.

Retirement and Moving

Many seniors move to North Miami Beach to retire so they may enjoy warmer weather and relaxed living. Retirement sometimes means wanting to downgrade homes and estates, though, which can change certain aspects of wills or powers of attorney, especially if those seniors come from outside the state. During the moving and transition process to North Miami Beach, seniors will find that storage units not only keep their highly valuable items safe, these can also serve as a convenient space for furniture, appliances, and keepsakes they brought with them during the move. This alleviates the stress of relocating to a new place and helps give them a place to keep their possessions until all the legal matters are resolved, and they are fully moved into their new North Miami Beach home.

Estate Planning and Your Options

Although estate planning can be complex at times, there are resources in North Miami Beach at the disposal of its senior residents. To help you with every step of your estate planning, consider working with an experienced elder law attorney. It will help you find peace of mind as you consider the future of your belongings and the well-being of your family.