Medicaid 101 Powerpoint Presentation | Medicaid Lawyer Speaker Series

Medicaid Planning
Jason Neufeld
November 29, 2017

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What Is an Elder Law Attorney? 
What Does A Medicaid Planning Attorney Do? 
Five Ways to Pay for Florida Long Term Care
If I have money, can I get (or do I need) Medicaid?
Florida Medicaid Planning Explained
Florida Medicaid Income Test
Florida Medicaid Asset Test
What Does a Florida Elder Law Attorney Do?
What is the Medicaid Look Back Period?
How to turn Countable Assets into Non-Countable Assets for Medicaid?
How to minimize what is paid back to Medicaid
Here to Answer Your Medicaid Questions? 
Jason Neufeld
Jason is committed to assisting and protecting the most vulnerable members of society, through his substantial legal work with the elderly.