The Florida Medicaid Waiver Program, where Medicaid recipients receive Medicaid long-term care services at home or in an ALF, is actually more accurately a service provided by the "Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long-Term Care Program" (SMMC-LTC).

The home and community (ALF) based Florida medicaid programs have a wait-list and if you are interested in non-nursing home Medicaid services, you should get yourself on this wait list as soon as possible (nursing home Medicaid, in Florida, has no wait list).

Interestingly, you need not qualify for Medicaid's asset and income tests to get onto the wait list.

How to Get on the Florida Medicaid Waiver Wait List

Step 1:

Call your local area agency on aging (AAA). In Miami, the agency is called "Alliance for Aging" in Broward, the agency is called "Aging and Disability Resource Center of Broward County. Every county in Florida is assigned to an Area Agency on Aging (very easy to google).

The AAA will take down some preliminary information over the phone and will let you know an approximate time for a follow up phone assessment.

Step 2:

Have a phone assessment. In Miami-Dade, for example, the phone assessment will take place "in a few weeks" - they do not provide an exact day and time. I suggest programming their phone number so you don't accidentally send the call to voicemail.

Placement on Medicaid Waiver Wait-List

The purpose of the phone assessment is to get a preliminary idea of the type of care one needs. This is not the time to be proud or to downplay the assistance the eventual Medicaid-applicant needs. Placement on the Medicaid waiver waitlist is not first come, first served. Rather, the more care one needs, the higher on the waitlist they will be placed.

Step 3:

After the phone assessment, you wait.

You may be waiting months.

You wait until your name is called off the Medicaid Waiver wait list.

Interestingly, at this point, you need not actually submit a Medicaid application, and so you need not be technically asset or income Medicaid qualified.

However, all this waiting provides an excellent opportunity to engage a Medicaid planning lawyer to provide the strategies necessary to become Medicaid qualified.

If, while waiting, one's condition deteriorates, you can request a re-assessment to move higher up on the Medicaid wait list.

After the Medicaid Waiver Waitlist

Once your name is called off the wait list, the eventual Medicaid applicant is assigned to a Medicaid benefits counselor, who will coordinate a CARES home visit. You'll also need to get your doctor to sign Form 3008 (valid for one year) verifying that you need long-term care services

This is also the time to submit your Medicaid Application to DCF, if you haven't done so already.

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