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What is form 3008?

What is form 3008?
Jason Neufeld
January 11, 2023

What is form 3008? That's today's question. 

This is a Medicaid form for folks looking for long-term care services, whether at home in an assisted living facility or a nursing home. They want that to be at least partially paid for by Medicaid

Now, I should back up and say to qualify for these long-term care programs, you have to pass three different types of tests. They're not written or multiple-choice, don't worry. There's an asset test, an income test, and a medical test. Asset and income are why you come to a law firm like ours if you don't naturally qualify. We have legal and ethical ways of protecting your income, protecting your assets, and getting you eligible for Medicaid. 

Comprehensive Assessment

Now, you don't have to wait five years; there's a component of this that we cannot control: the medical component. That's where the 3008 form comes in. This is a medical assessment. It's conducted by a doctor or nurse practitioner in Florida, typically the treating doctor for our client. They're filling out their medical needs, prescriptions, and health assessments with pressure sores on their bodies. You know, it's a, it's a, it's a physical workup, and it's detailing what infirmities our client has, what restrictions they have, that would qualify them for these long-term care benefits. It's a very short form, it's a two-page form. And what I'll do is, in this video, at the bottom of the show notes, I will link to the actual forms. And you can see for yourself, it's a very short form, two pages long. 

Medical Eligibility

What's most important is on the second page at the bottom, the doctor or the nurse practitioner checks one of the boxes, one of them says that the individual needs skilled nursing facility care or the individual needs waiver services in lieu of professional nursing facility care, that's back to what allows you to get help paying for assisted living facilities or home health care. So that's what the 3008 Form is into. It's one of, admittedly, a bunch of documents that we're going to have you sign and fill out or get filled out by the appropriate person if you were to retain us to help get you or your loved one on to these Medicaid long-term care benefits. 

A Skilled Florida Medicaid Attorney Near You

So, I hope that helps. If you'd like to talk more about the Medicaid 3008 Form or any other forms and how we get people eligible for Medicaid, please give Elder Needs Law a call anywhere in Florida. We'll set up a consultation. Thank you.

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