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It can be quite the shock when families in Brandon, Tampa and surrounding areas are faced with the prospect of exorbitant long-term care costs. Medicaid planning (also known as incapacity planning) is essentially the process of legally and ethically shifting assets from the status of “unprotected” to “protected” and/or converting those unprotected assets into an income stream to qualify someone for Medicaid benefits that will greatly assist with the immense costs of long term care and preserving assets for the well spouse / community spouse. Your Medicaid planning attorney will present your Medicaid planning options along with our pros and cons analysis. Our Tampa, FL elder law clients are usually excited and relieved after we explain our Medicaid-planning strategies.


Medicare (much to the surprise and dismay of many) only covers short term care and a lifetime benefit for a maximum of 100 days for rehab or skilled nursing - triggered by a hospital admission (as opposed to staying under “observation”) for at least three days. The intention is to provide skilled / rehabilitative care (not custodial care) following a stroke, hip replacement, etc…In fact; Medicare only pays the first 20 days in full. For days 21-100, the patient pays a $170.50 per day co-pay (as of 2019). After a patient has used up their 100 days, they will need to pay out of pocket, utilize long-term-care insurance, or qualify for Medicaid’s lesser-known Institutional Care Program. This is where a medicaid-planning attorney helps.


From hiring a home-health aide to paying for assisted living facilities or skilled nursing home care: Five years of long-term care can cost between $200,000 and $600,000. That will completely decimate the life savings of most Floridians. Our goal is for Medicaid to pay the bulk of your long-term care costs so  you  are able to pass as much wealth onto your heirs as possible by utilizing a number of wealth preservation strategies. In addition, as elder law attorneys, we can review and amend your will, irrevocable and revocable trusts to minimize or avoid probate and best meet your estate planning needs. Without an experienced Brandon, FL Medicaid-planning attorney by your side, much of your assets and wealth will likely have to be spent on care.


Our goal is to empower our elder law clients. Medicaid planning / incapacity planning law involves a number of issues that intersect with your estate planning documents. It is essential to have advanced directives, livings wills, durable power of attorney, revocable trusts, a pour-over last will and testament reviewed by your Medicaid planner / elder law attorney. There are special provisions that need to be included in these documents that, if not present, will create unnecessary obstacles for your Brandon Elder care lawyer. While we focus on Medicaid planning / incapacity planning, we work with other Tampa elder care specialists should you need legal assistance with navigating probate court or initiating a guardianship proceeding.

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AT the moment we do not have a physical location in brandon/tampa, however the firm is still serving its brandon,fl and tampa, fl clients remotely.

Elder Needs Law, PLLC is currently serving the Tampa, FL (and surrounding areas: Brandon, FL; New Port Ritchie, Temple Terrace, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, Bradenton, Sarasota and other areas statewide) in the following manner.

All initial-consultations are conducted by our managing partner. Most estate planning and medicaid planning documents can be remotely signed (or handled via email / regular mail).

For those who prefer to meet with an elder law attorney in person, after the consultation, the firm is able to refer the matter to local counsel to assist (included in the same fee agreed to).

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We care. We listen. We can help. Call Us at (813) 279-2798.